Your teeth are made from enamel, which is a mineral substance, made exceptionally strong due to its microscopic crystalline structure. In most cases, damaged enamel is a result of tooth decay. However, there are some situations where the enamel of one or more teeth can be damaged. Blows to the face from contact sports without wearing a mouth guard, grinding your teeth, or to suffer chips, cracks or minor fractures.

If you’ve had a situation happen to your teeth and you believe your tooth’s enamel is damaged, you should call Dr. Peterson immediately to help assess the situation. Sometimes the sensitive dentin layer inside might not be exposed, but expert advice is needed.

If the tooth was damaged by a blow to the face and there is blood or swelling in your mouth, you should try to rinse the area with lukewarm salt water. If you are experiencing pain, you might want to apply a cold compress on the side of your face or gently rub a topical oral analgesic on the gums.

If there is pain, that is a very strong indication that there is something wrong with the internal structure. So it’s absolutely imperative to have the tooth repaired before tooth decay can start to attack the damaged enamel.

Minor chips can be fixed by blending the edges into the enamel with a dental contouring procedure.

Cracks and fractures that haven’t exposed the dentin layer can sometimes be repaired with cosmetic bonding. This will involve the dentist filling in the damaged enamel with a special resin that will be color mated to fit your enamel.

Severe damage to the tooth might only be able to be repaired by replacing the enamel by a crown.

If you have cracked or chipped tooth you should call Donna Peterson DDS immediately at 209-473-2521 to schedule an appointment.